So, I upgraded my Parallels Desktop for Mac to build 9130 of 5.x, and it completely destroyed my Parallel Tools on XP, which was on a Boot Camp Partition. Uninstalling, and trying a different guest (Linking to same Boot Camp Partition), system did nothing good for the issue. No matter what I did, my original guest thought it had PT installed, and the new ones, wouldn’t never install. So, what does it take to resolve this issue? Well, click below, and I’ll tell you.

So, here’s the process. Make sure to get a working 9130 dmg. If you don’t have it archived from before, download it through the trial offer. Open the dmg, and uninstall Parallels. Next, run the Disk Utility, and Repair the Disk Permissions (You don’t need to verify). After that is said, and done, reboot your mac, so that all of Parallel’s services are off. Igf your mouse relies on the Tools, plug another into your system, and set it to be used by the Virtual OS.

Now reinstall Parallels with the 9130 dmg. After it’s installed, start your VM. Go to the control panel, add remove programs, and uninstall Parallel Tools. Reboot. In the Parallels menu, choose Device, CD-ROM, and Connect Image. Now, go to Macintosh HD/Library/Parallels/Tools/prl-tools-win.iso. Now, in the VM, go to MyComputer, and double click the CD-ROM. It will automatically install, and reboot your system. After that, sit back, and watch as your system boots, and finally allows Coherence; along with everything else. Enjoy!