While I’m not yet at that point where I will create a tutorial on how to create a new React application using React 15.x, Redux 3.5.1, and all in ES6, I have been documenting all of the resources I used to learn ES6, Node.JS, React, Flux, Test-Driven-Development, Webpack, and many other things you’ll want to know.

Not only that I’ve created a GitHub repository with the code from these projects:

React-Tests Repository

All of the ES5 projects have been re-written in ES6, so you can see how to write those apps in the latest React with today’s coding standards (I don’t care what you say, ES5 needs to be taken behind the shed, and shot). In the README file you’ll find all of the learning resources cited, and can start learning right-away, and without having to learn from resources using react 0.12, or 0.13 (depreciated).

To add to all of that goodness, the repository doubles up as boilerplate. Yes, everything is setup to where all you have to do is create a new folder, and start writing your own React/ES6 apps!