OS X Changing Terminal.app ANSI Colors

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OS X Changing Terminal.app ANSI Colors

Since Apple released their latest release of MacOS X, changing the Terminal application’s colors have once again become a pain. Even with the previous release, you could drag and drop colors from the color swatch to the color you wanted to change. This feature has thus been removed in Leopard. Thanks to Ciarán Walsh, of http://ciaranwal.sh, we now have a solution to this issue.

According to Ciarán’s how-to, we use his work-around Cocoa application to interface with the Smart InputManager Bundle Loader (SIMBL), to give us a menu of colors to change. So, let’s begin.

First, download the latest SIMBL, extract the files, and run the installer. This will install the libraries to the local drive libraries in the OS, which is where we should since we want everybody to enjoy the beautiful colors.

Next, we download Ciarán’s Terminal Colors application, extract it, and copy the bundle file to /Library/Application Support/SIMPL/Plugins.

Now, restart your Terminal.app, and open the Terminal’s Preferences. Click the Settings tab, and then the “More…” button, right below the Selection color. Last, change the colors to your liking, and enjoy being able to see that dark blue you couldn’t before, and changing the colors to fit your color scheme.

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