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We create open-source because we love it, and we share our finding so everyone else can benefit as well.


For the 3rd time in the past year, Network Synapse is now IPv6 accessible. Unlike the past 2 times, we are now running off a native IPv6 IP address; so we're here to stay! Thanks to, native IP addresses have been assigned to all of our servers, and firewalls altered to cater them.

Blog Update

As you can see, the blog entries have been pretty slow. I've been messing around with FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT, and have done a few things, but have only written how-tos and such in private. NS has had trouble with a few sites committing plagiarism; taking the tutorials, and calling them their own. Of course, this does …

Back Again

Well, here we are again. Since time has allowed, and the availiblity of better co-lo servers, Network Synapse is back for more. There are a few projects on the horizon, along with some services that will be provided to the public. Until then, time to get this site back in order.