Memoires of the Commonly Uncommon Tech Solutions


Cisco IPv6 Tutorial

Back in 2003, aside from messing with wireless networks, I starting really working with IPv6 in its full form (Watch for NS in the IPv6 server list here soon). At the same time, I was studying for my CCNA, and decided that every piece of hardware in my house needed to be running IPv6. In …


More Fun With Wireless Hacking (2600 03/04)

After going through the archives of the old site, I decided to start posting the various tutorials that were there, and have yet to become obsolete. One is “More Fun With Wireless Hacking”, which was published in <span style=”text-decoration:underline”>2600 Hacker’s Quarterly</span> in 2003. Since the practice of wireless hacking, and security has yet to change, …


The Dark Side of Azureus CLI

While torrent sharing grows more and more each day, it has started to become a great way to host large archives without sacrificing your bandwidth. Such a case is a remote server, that has a limit on the bandwidth, but you don’t want to cripple your user base because of it. So, how do you …


TrustedBSD : MAC BIBA – Part 3

For our 3rd part of the tutorial, we are going to cover one of the MAC policies. The first one is MAC BIBA. This policy controls the upward flow of information. In otherwords, it can restrict a subject (a user or process), from various abilities (We will explain this in more detail later).


TrustedBSD : Mandatory Access Control (Part 2) – Processes

As we continue on looking at the MAC modules, we will cover two more minor modules that will prove crucial to our learning of some of the more advanced modules that deal with policies. These two modules are mac_seeotheruids, and mac_partition. While they are very simple, they are still good modules to keep in mind …


TrustedBSD Mandatory Access Control – Part 1

While I was planning to do a simple tutorial covering all types of MAC security, I decided that one tutorial for all would really depreciate the tutorial as a whole. Instead, I’ll be doing a single tutorial on each feature, and later one to integrate them all together to better suit your needs. This was …


RedHat Fedora Core 6 PowerPC Version

After treading through many OS’es on my Powerbook G4, not one of them suited my needs completely. Even though OS X seems to fit a lot of my needs, there are Linux/UNIX applications and such that I’d much rather have. Many people have told me to try DarwinPorts and fink. Fink was just more of …


OpenVPN Client Management Script

One thing that always bothered me about OpenVPN was the work you had to do to get one client setup. It wasn’t a hard process, but when configuring multiple clients, it was always a very monotonous job, and quite annoying. So, to resolve this issue, I wrote a script to create the keys, certificates, package …


FreeBSD 6 – Setting Up Jails (Tested on 6.3)

It seems that almost every year I need to update this tutorial. Some things change, and some things don’t. This version is being done on FreeBSD 6.1, 6.2, and now tested with 6.3. If you are using FreeBSD 5.x, feel free to look at my 5.x tutorial on Screaming Electron. To start out, make sure …


Beginning Assembly (Machine Language)

ASM has always been a weak-point of mine, and so I thought I would persue it more. Unfortunately, almost any tutorial was quite vague, and really wasn’t telling me much. They would tell me how syntax would work, and what you were doing on the machine level, but never what you were really doing, or …