Network Synapse

Creating Packets for the Brain since 2001


Hello! My name is DBrown, a long time NetSec Professional, and UNIX/Linux SysAdmin, but in the IT world I was best known as Kernel_Killer, or VileSYN.

Network Synapse has always been a place where I would document many different technical findings, as well as articles to help others in many less documented ‘black arts’ of computing. It first started as a custom site I created back in 2002, ran out of my house, and can now only be found in the Wayback Machine. The content is the same you can find here, except for a few missing articles, but the purpose still the same.

Logo_whiteNow that it’s been years since the creation of this blog, the article content is almost always from findings in my company DVS. Now that administration is less of a profession, articles on programming are more common (not to say there won’t be sysadmin articles).

No matter what, this blog continues to thrive after over a decade, and will always continue to post new findings as long as I’m still working with computers.

In 2013 I went back to my art, something I sacrificed when jumping into the IT industry at the start. If you are interested in digital art, check out my other site 3DEsprit.