Month: February 2008

We create open-source because we love it, and we share our finding so everyone else can benefit as well.


OSX Color Terminal

Since Apple released their latest release of MacOS X, changing the Terminal application’s colors have once again become a pain. Even with the previous release, you could drag and drop colors from the color swatch to the color you wanted to change. This feature has thus been removed in Leopard. Thanks to Ciarán Walsh, of …


PHP Date Drop-Down Menu Function

If you have ever had to deal with long hours coding large drop-down menus for various different reasons, then you know finding a better solution isn’t far after those first 20 lines. When programming a scheduling application last year, I realized that I didn’t want to rely on an employee to know the date format …


IPv6 on Cisco Routers

Back in 2003, aside from messing with wireless networks, I starting really working with IPv6 in its full form (Watch for NS in the IPv6 server list here soon). At the same time, I was studying for my CCNA, and decided that every piece of hardware in my house needed to be running IPv6. In …


More Fun With Wireless Hacking (2600 03/04)

I decided to start posting the various articles from my old site, which have yet to become obsolete. One was More Fun With Wireless Hacking, which was published in the Winter 2003 issue of 2600 Hacker’s Quarterly. Since the practice of wireless hacking, security has yet to change. So, I present you with the original …