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You Do Not Need ‘Sudo’ So Stop Using It

The constant advise to Linux/UNIX users to use sudo before many different commands is more common than it should be. Each time these words hit the internet, an angel loses its wings. Seriously, it’s a recipe for disaster. While this may seem overly dramatic, it is telling you to do something you don’t need to …


SSH Keys – SSH Without a Password

Even though this isn’t anything new it’s always good to know how to create SSH Keys for remote logins, and also have a reference in case you forget how to set it up. I use it with the utmost sense of security. I will use it for scheduled backups, and the keys always hidden, with …


More Fun With Wireless Hacking (2600 03/04)

I decided to start posting the various articles from my old site, which have yet to become obsolete. One was More Fun With Wireless Hacking, which was published in the Winter 2003 issue of 2600 Hacker’s Quarterly. Since the practice of wireless hacking, security has yet to change. So, I present you with the original …