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You Do Not Need ‘Sudo’ So Stop Using It

As I continue to visit StackExchange and the infamous Stack Overflow to find quick answers to obscure errors, I continue to see the constant advise to Linux and OSX users, “use sudo” before your commands. For every time I read these words I grit my teeth, grind them, and clinch my fist wishing I could …


SSH without a Password

Even though this isn’t anything new, it’s always something good to know, and have a reference in case you forget how to set it up. I use it with the utmost sense of security. I will use it for scheduled backups, and the keys always hidden, with root online having access to it. This method …


More Fun With Wireless Hacking (2600 03/04)

After going through the archives of the old site, I decided to start posting the various tutorials that were there, and have yet to become obsolete. One is “More Fun With Wireless Hacking”, which was published in <span style=”text-decoration:underline”>2600 Hacker’s Quarterly</span> in 2003. Since the practice of wireless hacking, and security has yet to change, …