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Postfix : Too Many Hops

I’ve noticed a lot of people have had an issue with Postfix, saying the error log mentioned “Too Many Hops”. I had the same issue, using my Postfix, Spamassassin setup. It seems every time Postfix is updated, tweaking is needed to make it work again.

Mysql Backup and Restore

After getting MySQL setup, and going, you might want to start backing it up. I’ll briefly talk about backing up databases, and restoring them.

TrustedBSD : Mandatory Access Control (Part 3) – Policy: MAC BIBA

For our 3rd part of the tutorial, we are going to cover one of the MAC policies. The first one is MAC BIBA. This policy controls the upward flow of information. In otherwords, it can restrict a subject (a user or process), from various abilities (We will explain this in more detail later).