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electron ipc system

Window to Window Messaging with @electron/remote

In a previous article, I covered how to accomplish Window to Window Communication in Electron with a message passing system. Since Electron 14 removed the remote module, this system will not work in older versions. So in this article we will discuss how to upgrade this window to window messaging system to use @electron/remote.

building Barista

Developing a Cloud Rendering Platform

Developing a full-scale platform can be a daunting task. What language is best for your needs, and what services should make up this platform? At what point should you justify a release, and what features should you save for future versions? If your platform is a solo project, what should you do to keep maintenance …

Webhook Deployments with GitHub

Having your own automatic setup for webhook deployments can be incredibly useful, but getting it setup can sometimes be a bit of an issue. To avoid this issue, we will look at ways to setup and use Go’s webhook server to setup your own automatic webhook deployment with GitHub.


OpenVPN with Docker Containers

Docker is becoming more and more commonplace with custom instance. I recently found myself needing a IDS node container for internal use that would automatically connect to a centralized logging server. The difference from other containers, was the need for an automatically active OpenVPN connection that would start with the instance. At first glance this …

emotion js react

Styling with Emotion JS

JSS came along as an easy answer to dynamic CSS, and offering CSS properties as their own camel-cased properties. While JSS requires the CSS user to change some practices, it works quite well. Emotion takes this a bit further allowing for raw CSS styling, but also allowing you to create dynamic styles. Emotion’s styling system …


Testing IAP On iOS

In App Purchases is a great way to generate income in your apps, and when working with payments it is incredibly important that you test them extensively. When working with iOS, the way your IAP work and respond can keep your app build from being accepted for release. Let’s look at how to setup a …


S3 Uploads in NodeJS

Uploading files to S3 using the AWS-SDK is fairly straightforward. Still, I found there are very few examples to show this with S3’s upload SDK. Of course with S3 uploads, we also want to look at how to track progress, as well as how to cancel our uploads. So in this article I’m going to …

MUI Templates

Getting started with a new framework is sometimes difficult. When working framework upgrades, it’s easier to test through an online editor like CodeSandBox. In the process I like to make it easier for others by providing templates showing off new features. These make for easy to copy projects, avoiding boilerplates. These are Redux, React, and …


MUI Themes Fully-Featured with MUI v5

I’ve already covered how to add a theme to Material-UI version 4, but what about MUI Themes? With v5 we have a lot of new features to make theming a lot easier, and we also ended up with a whole new override system. If there is a great reason to move to v5, it would …

Renaming React-Native Apps

Changing the name in a React-Native app, isn’t all that straight-forward. To be completely honest, renaming React-Native apps has been discouraged, so the common suggestion has been to simply make a new app with the correct name, then migrating your code. As someone who has never felt this was a true solution, I wanted to …