Month: March 2008

We create open-source because we love it, and we share our finding so everyone else can benefit as well.


FreeBSD 7.0 and PostGreSQL 8.3 in Jails

Since the release of FreeBSD 7.0 many things have been changed to allow PostGres to run better than any other database under FreeBSD. To take advantage of this, I’ll show how to setup PostGreSQL in FreeBSD jails. Of course, the same method is used to install on your main system as well.



Ever since I took in a roommate, and then started using a VoIP service, I have learned that even having a decent home broadband solution wasn’t enough for my network. Many nights I would spend trying to talk to someone and realize they couldn’t hear me, or I couldn’t hear them. Other nights I would …


FreeBSD Jails in 7.0 (Revised)

Finally, with the release of FreeBSD 7.0, here’s the updated version of the usual jail tutorial tailored to FreeBSD 7.0. Enjoy!


OSX Boot Camp and Windows

Like any other gamer, after switching all my computers to Apples, I had an itch to play some of games in my free time. With that in mind, I instantly setup Boot Camp on my iMac with my Leopard discs in hand, ready to install drivers. While it wasn’t that complicated, there were a few …