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Testing IAP On iOS

In App Purchases is a great way to generate income in your apps, and when working with payments it is incredibly important that you test them extensively. When working with iOS, the way your IAP work and respond can keep your app build from being accepted for release. Let’s look at how to setup a …


OSX BootCamp and Windows

Like any other gamer, after switching all my computers to Apples, I had an itch to play some of games in my free time. With that in mind, I instantly setup OSX BootCamp on my iMac with my Leopard discs in hand, ready to install drivers. While it wasn’t that complicated, there were a few …


OSX Color Terminal

Since Apple released their latest release of MacOS X, changing the Terminal application’s colors have once again become a pain. Even with the previous release, you could drag and drop colors from the color swatch to the color you wanted to change. This feature has thus been removed in Leopard. Thanks to Ciarán Walsh, of …


RedHat Fedora Core 6 PowerPC Version

After treading through many OS’es on my Powerbook G4, not one of them suited my needs completely. Even though OS X seems to fit a lot of my needs, there are Linux/UNIX applications and such that I’d much rather have. Many people have told me to try DarwinPorts and fink. Fink was just more of …