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The Beginner’s Guide to Redux: Part 3 – Refactor

Now that we have a working Redux app now, we should start looking at ways we can optimize our code, as well as take full advantage of redux. What we will cover in this last of the redux tutorial is how to take advantage of asynchronous actions, DRYing up our code, and controlling and accessing …

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The Beginner’s Guide to Redux: Part 2 – Building the Redux App

After the first part of our Beginner’s Guide to Redux, we should have a good understanding of what we want to accomplish, as well as an idea of how we want to implement it within our application. So instead of going even deeper into Redux philosophy, why not spend this part focusing on the code? …

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The Beginner’s Guide to Redux: Part 1

With many articles revolving around FP, they tend to be focused around redux being a part of the app’s foundation. With that, I would love to give any new-comers a great place to get started. In this 3 part guide, we will cover the react/redux concept, practices, and application, used when adding Redux to an …

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Quick Introduction to React-Native’s Calendar Events

The React Native Calendar Events module is great for giving your React Native apps access to the OS calendar and its events, as well as creating your own intricate events easily. If there was ever an amazing React-Native module that lacked opening documentation it would definitely be this one. For new users it is a …

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How-To Build React-Native On Android Without Issue

Building apps for mobile can sometimes be problematic. When using the awesome react-native setup, it’s can be a lot easier, but Android can give you a whole slew of different problems where it’s not always clear what that issue is. Looking through Google there will be a lot of similar questions, but not always the …