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PHP Date Drop-Down Menu Function

If you have ever had to deal with long hours coding large drop-down menus for various different reasons, then you know finding a better solution isn’t far after those first 20 lines. When programming a scheduling application last year, I realized that I didn’t want to rely on an employee to know the date format …


OpenVPN Client Management Script

One thing that always bothered me about OpenVPN was the work you had to do to get one client setup. It wasn’t a hard process, but when configuring multiple clients it was always a very monotonous job and quite annoying. So, to resolve this issue, I wrote a script to create the keys, certificates, package …


Beginning Assembly

Assembly has always been a weak-point of mine, and felt I needed to pursue it more. Most tutorials were vague, leaving me with more questions than answers. They would cover syntax, and what was done on the machine level, but never really giving an idea of what you were trying to accomplish. After going through …