Learning to Code with Treehouse

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Learning to Code with Treehouse

When you start learning to code, you will find a long list of different places to learn. In my early years of JavaScript, I found myself looking for a place to refine my current knowledge. Visiting several different sites, a lot would cover basics, but I always had a hard time finding what I needed. It wasn’t until someone mentioned Team Treehouse, that I found a site with what I needed and so much more, a company that I still use to this day, and recommend to anyone else looking for the same.

First Impressions of TreeHouse

Once opening the site, between the very clean look, and signs of actual structure, I found a lot of topics I was very interested in. JavaScript Basics (7 hours worth), Node.JS Basics, Express Basics, Creating a REST API with Express, and so many more! I quickly checked the pricing as it definitely looked like another site I was going to have to surrender an annual payment to. To my surprise they offer a monthly fee. When I see sites that offer monthly plans, I know I’m on a site that has content that allows a natural retention, instead of forcing long-time memberships. In the first week I went through over 300 videos, and wasn’t even half way through their “Full-Stack JavaScript” track! The best part was the built-in workspaces. In these you can apply your knowledge as you learn it, while following along with the instructor. This way you aren’t mindlessly watching videos one after another. It was obvious I was going to find at least most of what I was looking all over the internet for.

Soaking it Up Like a Sponge

Of course after that week-long trial, I have become a Basic Member. I find myself going through a couple courses each day, learning more and more. Since they have many different “tracks”, there is rarely a lack of content. Besides the popular languages, they cover many topics including Business, Design, Typography, and static languages like Java and Swift. For those serious about creating a profession, they also offer Tech Degrees. In these you go through the “tracks”, and special projects at the end of each course and graded by the instructors. This also offers a final exam giving you an option to receive a certificate when passing. On completion there is also discussions of job placement.

Finding Niche Topics

Treehouse isn’t best option for everyone. When it comes to niche topics, like JavaScript patterns, Treehouse lacks the content. What is discussed is referenced briefly, but quickly mixed into sync/async functions. Module patterns with sync and async functions are throw together as “regular JavaScript”.

When learning┬áNode.js, you really want to get into Asynchronous programming. I suggest that you go over to Frontend Masters, and check out Kyle Simpson’s “Rethinking Asynchronous JavaScript“. You won’t regret it.


Overall, I’ve been extremely impressed with this site, and in the process if learning the roots of what runs beneath my React apps, I’ve found new loves in other JavaScript like jQuery, NodeJS, and even some Angular. Not only that, learning some very impressive CSS, various Design courses, as well as so many other topics is great to have at your fingertips. So if you know someone like me who started with React, have them check out Treehouse, and learn what makes React work before writing anything more.


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